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Pastel de nata is a Portuguese tart with delicious cream, packed into crispy, light, French pastry, then baked and sprinkled with cinnamon or icing sugar.


Marta learnt how to bake pastéis de nata from a Portuguese master baker who won three times "O melhor pastel de nata de Lisboa" (the best pastel de nata in Lisbon). After this course, she worked several weeks to adapt the Portuguese recipe to Polish conditions, products and tastes.

The preparation of our pastéis de nata is a complex, manual and long process that has several stages as described below.


The main ingredients of pastéis de nata pastry are: Portuguese wheat flour and high-quality margarine for puff pastry. Everyday the dough is kneaded, hand rolled and precisely cut. Then it's molded into the forms.


The cream's delicacy and smoothness depends on the high quality of the following products: wheat flour, corn starch, milk, egg yolks and sugar. The molded forms are filled with custard cream.


Pastéis de nata are baked in a stone oven at high temperature for a short period of time by two experienced master bakers - Aneta and Iza.


And that's it! Pastéis de nata are ready to eat. They are best warm sprinkled with cinnamon and/or icing sugar.

If you take them home we recommend that you store them at room temperature and heat them up in the oven without air flow at 100 degrees for a minimum of 7 minutes, until the cream is warm.


Pastel de nata paired with espresso tastes even better. Give it a try!

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