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Café Lisboa's team is a group of skilled and engaged employees who create a nice atmosphere in the workplace. They are friendly and open people who easily recognize the tastes of our guests.




Olga fell in love with Portugal during her half-year stay in Azores.  Just after coming back to Poland, she has joined the recently opened Café Lisboa.  A year and half later, she became manager. Olga knows everything about Café Lisboa.  She is a "good spirit" and works with passion and commitment.  She is a hard worker, well organized and a team oriented person. However, the most important thing is that she feels and understands the idea and the atmosphere of the place.




Master Bakers

Aneta and Iza are sisters who joined our team few weeks after opening. Since then, they have become master bakers of pastéis de nata. They knead and manually roll the dough every day.  Then they mold it in the forms, fill them with fresh cream and bake them early in the morning in a stone oven. They put their hearts in their work, so pastéis de nata are tasty and unique every day. It is hard to imagine Café Lisboa without them.

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